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  1. Starter Kit

    Start improving your swimming like never before with affordable SmartPaddle Starter Kit.

    Kit includes:

    - a pair of SmartPaddles
    - a charging dock
    - access to the mobile App
    - access to the service (single coach account)
    - 1 month license for a single swimmer
    - 5 day licenses (can be freely allocated to any swimmer)

    A pair of SmartPaddle can be used with single or unlimited number of swimmers. To get started you simply create the accounts for the swimmer(s), allocate the licenses and start collecting data to the accounts. As a coach you have access to swimmers accounts allowing you to compare how they are able to hold the water during their stroke, and how that changes when they increase the effort or get tired. Swimmers will also have access to their own accounts.

    Add additional licenses to shopping basket now or any time later. Swimmers can also purchase their own licenses.

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Set Descending Direction