Starter Kit

SmartPaddle provides you with accurate and instant data about your swimming performance Improve the power and efficiency of your strokes.

SmartPaddle Starter Kit is an ideal package for a small team of swimmers or personal trainers with day pass. The price includes the first 6 months of subscription for two swimmers.

Note: Licenses are not tided to any device i.e. same devices can be used for recording of swims. e.g. PT's can record swims of any swimmer at price of 8€/day/swimmer

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Starter Kit

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2 Pcs SmartPaddle power meter

8 Pcs SmartPaddle straps

1 Pcs table charger 

One month SW licenses for six swimmers + 15 Day Passes . 

Note: Monthly subscription continues at a normal price (€19,95 per swimmer per month) automatically after the first month period.

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